Types of cargo handling equipment

Types of cargo handling equipment   Moving and lifting heavy cargo is known to be cumbersome and this is why you need a great level of expertise and technique to ensure your cargo is moved both safely and fast.

The first step towards understanding the appropriate equipment to use when you move your cargo is to know the nature of your cargo. You must check some of the details below if you intend to have a balanced cargo lift.

Establish the center of gravity for your cargo

How many attachment points does your cargo have?

The height to be lifted and the restrictions if any

The weight of your cargo

The edges of your cargo 

The conditions surrounding your cargo.

 What are the temperature levels?

Are they high or low?

Choosing the best type of cargo lifting equipment should be easy.

Below are the commonly used types of cargo lifting equipment. Wire rope sling Alloy chain sling Metal mesh slings Synthetic slings 

  • Synthetic rope slings
  • Twin path round slings
  • Web Slings Different lifting equipment carries a slight advantage over another but all this is determined by the nature of your cargo.

However, if you are planning to use your sling regularly and to lift different cargo, the web sling comes as a preferred choice. And this is why.

To begin with, the web sling is versatile and widely considered for multi-purpose use. They are simple belt straps that are made of webbing material.

 Amongst its greatest advantages is the strength they possess and how light they are compared to chain slings. Web slings are so flexible and this allows them to protect your cargo from scratches and dents by wrapping easily around them.

 Web slings come in both nylon and polyester.

The nylon web sling is unaffected with oily and greasy surfaces but should never be used in acidic atmospheres.

On the other hand, polyester web sling can be used in an acidic environment but never alkaline environments.

Time will come for you to choose the best type of cargo lifting equipment, making an informed decision will be easy.