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Wire Ropes, Ropes and Lifting Gear

wireropeWe supply quality steel wire ropes to approve standards for serving the off-shore drilling and maring industries - much demand of our steel wire ropes specially for mooring/ drilling and heavy towing and lifting purposes.


ZNL Series Wire Rope Hoist
Model   NHSS0.8 NHSS1.0 NHSS1.6 NHSS3.2
Rated Capacity tons 0.8 1 1.6 3.2
Rated Forward Travel mm ≥52 ≥52 ≥55 ≥28
Efficient Length of Forward Handle mm 825 825 1200 1200
Drive Step   1 1 1 2
Rope Diameter mm 8 8 11 16
Standard Length of Rope m 10; 20 10; 20 10; 20 10
Net Weight kg 6 6 12 23
Rated Forward Hand Power N ≤284 ≤353 ≤412 ≤441
Max Overall Size mm 428X64X235 428X64X235 545X97X286 660X116X350


HSS Series Wire Rope Winch
Specifications 800kg type 1 ton type 1 ton type
Vertical Capacity 800kgs 1500kgs 3 ton type
Horizontal Capacity 1250kgs 2500kgs 3000kgs
Lever Effort 35kgs 45kgs 45kgs
Lift No limit No limit No limit
Diameter of Wire Rope 7.7mm 9mm 13.5mm
Net Weight (Main body) 5.5kgs 9.5kgs 14.5kgs
Net Weight of Wire Rope 3.8kgs 10kgs 11kgs
The Total Net Weight 10kgs 20kgs 26kgs
Dimensions 393X106X215mm 490X140X287mm 547X155X287mm



Our quality range of shackles are necessity for offshore drilling and marine and construction industries.

Fall Arrest & Work Positioning Harnesses

The full body harness may comprise straps, fitting, buckles or other elements suitably arranged and assembled to support the whole body of a person and to restrain the wearer during a fall and after the arrest of a fall.

Products can be ordered as specified or custom made(OEM). more_info

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